From Low Rise to Regular Rise

Riding pants and jodhpurs give riders at all levels the close contact with the horse that they need to drive safely and safely. In addition to being functional, horseshoes also create a nice look that is critical in the show ring. Riding horses is a track and field that describes high quality riding clothes. The experience of riding can be made even better when the horse bears are worn is the right cut and fit for your specific body type and driving style.

Casual riding, endurance riding, hunting seat, dressage: They all have different physical requirements and requirements that lead to the need for different styles of riding branches. In addition to these problems, different body types, different weather and other factors combine to reduce the best choice for your horseshoes and jodhpurs.

Brand names are really better

Sometimes it's about discounts, seconds and used equipment, but not so with horses. Horses are big, heavy and sometimes panicky animals. Riders can best protect themselves, and their horses, by wearing well-made, horseshoes or jodhpurs and other riding accessories designed specifically for riding. This is not the place for baggy pants or raggedy shirts that can catch anything and cause a fall.

There are enough established high quality manufacturers of elegant and fun riding pants, show coats, ratcatchers, gloves and other riding clothes to make shopping for equestrian clothes fun and rewarding. Three of the most famous names are The Tailored Sportsman, TuffRider and Equine Couture. These fine companies have resisted the test of time and demonstrated that they only use the finest materials and world-class craftsmanship, making each purchase well worth the money.

What is it about waistbands?

The trousers on women's riding pants can come with or without belt loops and most are made of stretchable material. They come in wide and regular widths. The width of the waistband is a big issue of personal preference. So is the waistband's height as well. Waistband height is also a factor for driving style. Low pants are perfect for endurance and hunters, providing extra flexibility and free movement. On the other hand, the high waistband looks much nicer and elegant in the show ring, regardless of the class.

In all kinds of weather

As anyone who has ever owned a horse, horses must be regularly and regularly worked, regardless of the weather. Fortunately, there are now lined women's riding pants to keep the riders warm in the winter and ultra-light fabrics for summer riding. Most modern fabrics used in the manufacture of high quality riding pants and jodhpurs are made of cotton in combination with stretchable Lycra or Spandex for comfort and flexibility in shape.

Moisture-breaking materials are useful all year round. Not only do they prevent chafing, they also keep the rider comfortable in any weather. Sweating from a hard workout in the summer heat is bad enough, but in the middle of winter it can lead to a bad case of pneumonia if the rider gets cold for too long. These high-tech materials from The Tailored Sportsman and other fine retailers provide year-round comfort, style and functionality for riders of all levels.

Choose show clothes

The appropriate visa clothes will depend a lot on the riding type. Dressage riders compete in completely different riders than riders. Equestrian clothing and equipment must be selected according to the sanctions issued by the organizers. When a rider knows specifically what these requirements are, they can go online and choose riding pants, show rock, ratcatcher, gloves and helmet, they will need to see and feel the best in the show ring. A new crop is always a nice touch.

Unlike previous generations, riders today can enjoy the flexibility, style and comfort of modern textiles. At the same time, riders are no longer limited to the classic colors of white, black and beige. While it is not always suitable for the show ring, the colors available in riding pants are all the way to sage, espresso, deep purple, charcoal, taupe, chocolate and much more!

The most important factor to consider when buying riding pants is the ability to move freely, keep in touch with the horse and to avoid injury. Of course it is always nice to see your best, where the tour takes place!